Whether you’re new to growing or have been doing it for years, you’ve probably heard of LED grow lights. If you’ve done any amount of research online, then you’ve certainly read mixed reviews on LED lights. why LED’s are so great as well as why they’re horrible, and are not HID replacements. Having done a lot of research of my own, I’d have to say this statement is both true and false… HID provides a good level of spectrum and light intensity to plants, which in turn provides good yields.

There are a lot of LED grow lights on the market, and unfortunately many of these manufacturers are giving LED technology a bad name, claiming that no matter who makes the light, LED’s are not effective for growing Cannabis. Unfortunately, these people are misinformed. While there are many low grade LED grow lights, Platinum LED has perfected the technology to actually out perform a traditional HID light!




  • Ability to veg and bloom separately, therefore you’re consuming less power when vegging.
  • Very durable and well made.
  • Easy to use.
  • Uses only 93 watts when vegging and 180 watts for flower.
  • Runs cool and won’t generate excessive heat in your tent.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Will replace a 400 watt HID system.


  • Unit is a bit heavy at 15 lbs, so be sure your tent is able to hold it.
  • Very bright, you’ll need to wear special glasses if working when the light is on. I suggest turning it off, as extended exposure to the light can cause eye damage.
  • Costs more than a traditional HID light, however the energy costs alone make it worth it.

Save Money with Veg / Bloom Modes

What’s great about the P300 is that it has two modes: Veg and Bloom. When you’re vegging your plants, simply leave the Veg switch on, and the Bloom switch off. This allows you to successfully grow your plants in veg mode while consuming only 93 watts of power. When you’re ready to flower, turn on the Bloom switch. When Bloom is activated, your light will be operating at full capacity, while only using 180 watts of power.

Pictured here are buds grown under the P300 LED light. As you can see, they are rather large and healthy looking.

Final Verdict

I have tested this light using an 18/6 veg cycle and 12/12 bloom cycle with great results. If you’re looking for an affordable LED light that won’t break the bank and is just as effective as a 400W HID, then check out the P300. I have performed many successful indoor grows with this light, which has awarded me some great yields and tasty buds! Beware of low quality knock offs. Platinum LED has perfected the LED grow light technology.

Where to buy

For more information on Platinum LED or to purchase a light, please visit their website at: https://platinumgrowlights.com/