When growing Cannabis indoors, you’re going to want to ensure that you scrub the air inside of your tent. Scrubbing the air is a term for removing any odor within the tent, generally from the Cannabis plant. While the plants don’t really start smelling skunky until they start to flower, they still have a noticeable smell during the veg stage. A good carbon filter will remove any and all odor from your tent, ensuring your surrounding area remains odor-free. Certainly not required, however if you don’t want your neighbors, visitors or anyone else smelling your plants, then I would suggest investing in a carbon filter.

The iPower Carbon Filter cost me around $40, and has done a fantastic job. I have a 2x4x6 foot grow tent, so I decided to go with the 4 inch model. Because of the size of the tent, I felt the 4 inch would be fine, opposed to the more standard 6 inch design.

This filter has done a great job at ensuring my air remains odor-free. I’ll leave the house and come back several hours later, and not smell any trace of my plants, even when they’re flowering! If I turn the filter off, the aroma of cannabis will begin to fill my house. I certainly don’t mind the fragrance, however it’s nice to ensure a stealthy operation at all times.

You’ll need to purchase a 4 inch duct fan, which will run you around $15. iPower makes fans as well, which is what I opted for.

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If you’re wanting to keep the air odor free in your living space, you can’t go wrong with the iPower carbon filter.