Are you ready to take your grow to the next level? Are you looking for bigger roots, heather plants, and overall better harvests? If so, give a Smart Pot a try!

Smart Pots in short, are nothing more than containers made of a weed-barrier type fabric. Sounds simple, yet the fabric material actually encourages faster growth and stronger roots, as the fabric allows the roots to breath in air from all around. Traditional pots create a barrier, which only allows air in from the top. A Smart Pot allows air in from all around, which has many benefits.

Smart Pots have been gaining popularity in recent years within the Cannabis Community, and for good reason.  These things help make your plants grow not only faster, but healthier! In order for a plant to grow strong and healthy, the roots must remain cool and able to breathe fresh oxygen.

The great thing about Smart Pots is that they make growing anything a breeze. You don’t have to worry about over watering either, as any excess water simply flows right through the fabric. We all know how Cannabis can be challenging at times, and under or over watering should not be something you have to think about. Additionally, they advise that when watering your plants you actually allow about 20% run off. This ensures that your plant is properly hydrated.

Using 5 gallon Smart Pots inside of a grow tent

Main benefits to using a Smart Pot

  • Easy to store, as they fold up flat.
  • Allows plant roots to receive more oxygen, thus promoting plant growth.
  • Can’t over water, as any excess water simply flows through the sides of the pot.
  • Air prunes the plants root structure and stops root circling.
  • Non-breakable, and will last a long time.
  • Easy to flush your plant of nutrients when desired.

Need to flush your nutrients? Another big benefit to using a Smart Pot is the ability flush your plants whenever you need to. Flushing simply refers to a process of running nutrient-free water through your soil. Flushing usually occurs two weeks prior to harvest, as you want your buds to taste natural without any nutrient-like taste. These pots allow you to easily flush your plants whenever you want.

Smart Pots come in a variety of sizes, all the way up to 30 gallons. I personally use both the 3 and 5 gallon size pots for indoor grows, as well as growing outside in the green house.

The only disadvantage to the Smart Pot is that you’ll find yourself watering your plants more often, as the fabric allows for air to go through resulting in quicker evaporation. Not a big deal, considering that you’re going to have really nice crops later on.

If you decide to give these magical pots a try indoors, it’s a good idea to place them on top of a tray. This will allow any excess water to collect in the tray and not damage your floor or tent.

Smart Pots can be found in many Hydroponic stores including online retailers such as Amazon.