If you are setting up an indoor grow, you’ll want to use a good quality grow tent. There are many types of tents that you can purchase, and it can become overwhelming when doing your research. Always remember, not all tents are alike. While you may find some features in one tent, you may not find those same features in another tent. It’s a good idea for first identify what features you want in a tent, and then go from there.

As I’ve been performing several indoor grows, I have identified what separates a good quality tent from a not so good tent. Every grower has their own needs, so mine may differ from others. After having looked at dozens of tents, I opted for the Apollo. I felt that a 2 ft x 4 ft was a good size to grow a few plants. Also, I wanted to keep my electricity costs to a minimum, therefore I wanted a tent that would allow me to grow a few plants while not exceeding my budget. Remember, the larger the tent, the more powerful lights you’ll need, resulting in high energy costs.

Before purchasing a tent, I knew I wanted something that would be easy to work in, and have the ability to install a hanging LED light, have ducting ports, air vents, and easily cleanable. This tent seemed to fit the bill, so I picked it up from Amazon for about $89.

Tent with carbon filter, exhaust fan and light installed.

This tent was really easy to setup, and took me about 10 min to fully assemble after unboxing the parts. I installed a LED light, carbon air filter, exhaust fan and circulation fan. Overall, everything was relatively easy to setup. Like most tents, the frame seemed a bit fragile when putting it together, however it has held up quite well over the past year. Keep in mind, I have close to 25 lbs of equipment hanging from the top, and it doesn’t appear to be stressing the frame at all.

The tent comes with three 6 inch port holes adjustable down to 4 inches. These ports are generally used for running 4 or 6 inch air ducting for pulling in fresh air and exhausting stale air. Additionally, you can run your hydroponic lines through the bottom ports if desired. On the bottom of each side are two flaps, which close tight with velcro. You can open the flaps if you want more air to enter the tent.

The front of the tent features a large door which opens and closes with a high quality zipper. Some people prefer the barn door style tent, however I personally like this design as it allows me to fully open the door and wrap it around the side of tent, thus allowing very easy access to the entire inside. The bottom of the tent includes a removable drip pan, so any excess water is simply captured without ruining your tent or floor. The drip pan covers the entire base of the tent, and is easily removable. Inside you’ll find the entire tent is lined with a reflective material. This allows your light to reflect all around your plants, ensuring they are receiving plenty of light, not just from the top.

Overall, I’ve been very pleased with the tent. The only complaint I have is that 5 feet really is too short. I find myself having to top my plants lower than I’d like, however aside from that, this really is a quality tent, and you can’t beat it for the money!